Saturday, February 18, 2012

Apple for Diets

Choose foods with fiber content like fruits, vegetables, cereal, wheat. Apples along with pears, citrus fruits are among the high-yield fibers. Fruits with high water content can also often make gastric stretch. Melon and watermelon with its high water content, although low in fiber can easily make the stomach full and filling.

Apple when eaten with the skin will make blood glucose levels in a slow rise. Glicemic skinned apple has a low index. Increasing the speed of blood sugar levels can be reduced by foods that are low glicemic index. In addition to these skinned apples, vegetables also have an average index glicemic low levels indicated by the number of fibers in the leaves and stems

You must know the name of apple, but did you know that the apples contained many benefits for health, Apple's great to use as a favorite fruit to diet to lose weight. Apples have a low fat content but the existing fiber in apples is very high, this fiber will help you feel full faster. There are many health benefits for apple fruit.

When we are hungry is actually happening is the emergence of gastric stimulation. Diperintahkah brain to immediately seek food and fill the empty stomach by the stomach earlier. If the stomach has been filled then naturally we will feel a sense of satiety and food intake will immediately cease.

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